December 6, 2013

  • new DARPA telescope

    well it’s about time some new telescope designs for space are surfacing…

    I like the film-lens concept with the Fresnel lenses.

    but I still think my design for ionized gas lenses is easier, better, more stable, and much bigger.

    flood a container (a lunar crater will do nicely) with an easily ionized gas, and shape a concave elliptical electrical field to flow through it from surrounding electrodes. The gas will become reflective, and somewhere a picture will form at the focal point.


September 28, 2013

  • Pope Francis makes a NEW DOGMA!!

    What’s the possibility that Pope Francis infallibly declares Mary “Co-Redemptrix” or “Mediatrix” of all grace?

    Wouldn’t that be something!  There is a lot of concern and apprehension on the part of many strictly orthodox Catholics about Pope Francis’ dogmatic laxity.

    How would Catholics respond if Francis makes a new dogma about Mary? We shall see.

    I am thinking that Francis will issue a Motu Proprio that dis-establishes much of the realty of the Church so as to force a break-up of the gay mafia…sort of take away their closed-in cushiness and club motif.  It would also be a way of escaping persecutional taxation of buildings.

    But he might also issue a new dogmatic decree. First since 1950 when Pius XII decreed the Assumption into heaven of the body of Mary as to be believed and honored by all Catholics.

    If Francis issues the new dogma it will serve his purpose of raising the role of women. Pope John-Paul II was asked to do this same thing, and declined. Pope Benedict XVI prayed near the end of his papacy to Mary the Mediatrix of all grace, which I thought was very very radical thing to do.

September 17, 2013

September 8, 2013

  • where’s Mommaroo? and Datingish? and all those other sites I (we) had access to at the old site. This site seems way too difficult for me to navigate.

September 4, 2013

  • Next Statement on Syria

    Well, it looks like the USA legislature will approve authorization of military attack on Syria…the Senate approved it. I don’t know what the vote was, or how it was divided by party. Now the House of Representatives must also approve it. I can hardly imagine them resisting the war call. (Remember- the Pope has called for a world day of prayer and fasting on Saturday, Sept. 9th for Peace in Syria.)
    Evil is so humdrum, boring, ordinary, mundane. When I was young, Israel prosecuted a German war criminal and it was televised. His answers were dull and commonplace. “I did my job.” “It was my duty.” Adolf Eichman was his name. I think he ran a camp that gassed Jews. So maybe he was directly responsible for 20,000 or so deaths. It was his job. THE CONGRESSMEN THAT VOTE to attack Syria will be just like him. “It was the right thing to do.” Well, the Third World War is what we are dabbling our fingers in, and is that commonplace and mundane…well, yeah, according to these Congressmen caving to this evil Administration, and its Commander-in-Chief who only seems to do evil, lie, and deceive, and perpetrate murder, lies, division, enmity and deceit. I am a Patriotic American, but one Administration does not define America, or true American interests. Zero does not desire Peace, he desires Islamic revenge. I do not support that. CONGRESS: HOLD THE LINE! JUST SAY NO TO WAR!

August 26, 2013

  • Statement on Syria

    Israel is pulling our strings again. Please allow me to explain. (It’s an Iraq replay….)

    the scenario….Israel intelligence intercepts Syrian plan to attack rebels.
    Israel deploys commandos with sarin hand launched rockets.

    Israeli commandos fire sarin rockets using the cover of the conventional attack. Assad gets blamed. USA must act.

    (There was no evidence of medium range conventional rockets launched by Syria. If conventional rockets had been fired, there
     would be radar logs of that, they would have been visible. But hand-held rockets are too low, and too local, for the monitoring countries’ radar.) – not 100% sure of all that, but that is my understanding. It fits my analysis too….

    Who has sarin? USA has sarin. Syria has sarin. Does Russia have sarin? Sure, but in this instance Russia has zero motive for using it, and almost zero capability to have fired hand-held rockets from local range. Israel … does Israel have sarin? Sure, Israel has sarin. Is that a public fact? I don’t think so. That Israel has nuclear bombs isn’t even a public fact. It’s a fact though. And Israel almost certainly has sarin. Who else has sarin? NOBODY ELSE AROUND THERE HAS SARIN.

    So, either Assad fired sarin rocket; Israel fired sarin rockets; or USA fired sarin rockets.

    Does the Muslim Brotherhood have sarin? maybe, but I don’t think so.

    We NEED TO SEE THE REPORT on what kind of sarin was used. Different molecular signatures may be able to indicate the source of the sarin. 

    It is odd that people handling the dead do not show sarin symptoms. Was the attack reported BEFORE the actual attack?

    there are some spooky loose ends to this whole story. Additionally, there was a UN weapons inspection team in Syria at the very time of the incident. They have received sniper fire.  I am not sure as of 8/26/2013 that the UN inspectors have been granted permission to inspect the carnage.

    I have not heard EXPLICIT denials from King Assad.  Maybe this is due to media blockage. Maybe he has. But Al-Jezera is siding with Obama on this, and all American media too.

    Israel has the most to profit from all this. This type of malicious subterfuge is typical of Israeli intelligence actions. They yanked our chain in Iraq saying Sadaam Hussein had WMD’s and he didn’t, but we had to go in to find out.

    Same here.

    I don’t like the smell of the whole thing. Obama, in his Anti-Christ persona, is quite likely to act militarily, risking direct conflict with Russia. The situation is not proven. If the Israeli intelligence has informed the USA that they have done it (they wouldn’t do it over the internet!) then we know who did it. But I don’t think they have. They knock over a domino and watch them all fall. That’s Israeli Intelligence for you. and GOD DOESN’T LIKE IT ONE LITTLE BIT!!!!!!!!!


August 24, 2013

  • My Prayer for Obama

    St. Paul says to pray for our civic leaders, so here’t goes….


    Dear Merciful GOD on High, look down with pity on the affliction of this man, who was born into

    neglect, and led astray by others. Forgive this man who is so overcome by the Enemy that there is hardly any trace left of the

    human being that You created. Deliver him by Your Goodness from all his evil intentions, malice, vengefulness, and deceit.

    Mercifully grant final salvation to the man he really is. In Jesus Name, Amen.

August 18, 2013

August 17, 2013

  • EGYPT – in reply to Socrates Cafe post

    Visit mortimerZilch's Xanga Site!
    Today I was thinking over a post on the very same topic. I do NOT think Obama’s position is correct, NONE of his positions ever are. Having said that, I want to get back to the situation in Egypt, before coming back to Obama.
    First, this slaughter that’s going on is VERY BAD, even worse that the sharia rule persecution that was going on under the Muslim Brotherhood Morsi Administration. The problem is that government shouldn’t be run by the Military. (That’s what’s wrong with the USA RIGHT NOW – the NSA takeover is a Military/Intelligence Alliance and in no way verging toward anything democratic.) Philosophically, government is not a military initiative, and shouldn’t be run by the military. That’s the #1 thing wrong in Egypt right now. The Military even admits that. The Egyptian Military wants OUT of the government business as fast as it can get out. I believe it when they say that. The Military only got into running the government (in this instance) because the people DEMANDED the overthrow of Morsi. Rather than killing those 17 million people who were protesting Morsi, the Military SUPPORTED their interest, and deposed Morsi. The problem is forming a civilian government that respects the structure of a modern secular state. The Muslim Brotherhood only wants sharia law.
    Second, Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood…which is centered in Egypt, but is active all over the world, in support of sharia law – everwhere! Obama supports that. This is totally destructive, and a great modern evil. So, what do we have now in Egypt? We have civil war. Russia has stated it will support the Egyptian military. The USA – in public – says it it is neutral. I think that could change in light of these military atrocities. The Egyptian Military is wonderful in its commitment to the highest military ideals for the sake of the nation of Egypt; but it can’t go on killing Egyptians even if they are the lousy Muslim Brotherhood. So, Egypt’s problem is OUR PROBLEM. How to make a government that includes radical religious Muslims? The Military don’t know what to do, except kill them. That’s what Military are good at (you may see that around here and soon too).
    If we just take a further look at the situation, and make a further observational statement, we can say that: NOT ONLY is Egypt’s problem OUR problem, but that, Egypt’s problem is a problem INTERNAL TO ISLAM. Accordingly, Saudia Arabia (like Russia) has pledged support to the Egyptian Military, regardless of the slaughter…. Obama, a Muslim more than a Christian, or rather, an apostate at both, still supports the Brotherhood, but is not in a position to commit American Military in their support, either in Egypt or Syria. The frustration must be building in Washington, and you can expect it to be unleashed somewhere somehow in dreadful fashion sometime in the not too distant future….War clouds are all around us, and that is never good for the people who only want peace. Islam may break apart to depths that cannot be re-united. How will Islam survive, or will it?
    Ideologies are difficult to wipe out by death-dealing force. They usually need to be conquered by better ideologies. (That’s what’s wrong with our “War on Terror” started under President Bush – but really the same bunch of rascals that are still running the National Security Policy of the USA…and it is a REAL WAR approved by Congress, not like Viet Nam or Korea which were not real official wars…so, the President now has virtually unlimited power under the
    “War Powers Act”…but you KNEW that, right?)  Islam needs to RENOUNCE TERROR in the name of religion. The Most High will not act as cover for violence in His name.